Dive Team at Tasik Divers

At Tasik Divers we like to think we are family – And that includes our guests.

Underneath our easy going and friendly exterior, is a hard working and dynamic professional operation, dedicated to making each dive the best we possibly can. Some of the team have been here over 15 years, and are now our Instructors… and Manager!

The main Dive Team comprises of 4 instructors and 3 dive guides with the support of 10 other staff (Admin, Captains, Mechanics & Engineers).

Noldy Hasibuan

Noldy Hasibuan

Dive Manager

Noldy’s journey with Tasik Divers is similar to that of rags to riches (ok, maybe not as dramatic…).

Noldy started from the bottom more than 20 years ago when he didn’t yet know how to dive. He worked hard and trained to become a Dive Guide, Divemaster and eventually worked his way up to becoming a PADI Scuba Instructor in 2016.

Noldy is the go to guy for any issues with tanks, equipment or the boats. He’s an all rounder and the man in charge.

Denise McIntyre

Denise McIntyre

Assistant Dive Manager

Denise has been instructing since 2015 and brings with her experience from diving & working in waters of Thailand, Maldives, The Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. She’s both a PADI & SSI instructor who’s worked on liveaboards, day trips and volunteers with organisations such as Marine Conservation Cambodia and Operation Wallecea.

Denise focuses on the safety of her divers and the preservation of the environment.

Tasik Divers Team